Learn more about the Trauma Informed PD series by 321 insight.

The Trauma Informed PD series makes it easy to help all staff develop a trauma-informed mindset and a trauma-responsive skill set. Our toolkit helps your staff immediately apply a trauma-informed approach to their daily practice.The Trauma Informed schools training toolkit helps create a trauma-informed culture by providing –

  • 8-12 minute videos designed to help all staff understand the ACEs research, learn strategies to create resiliency, teach SEL, focus on adult wellness, and build a trauma-informed mindset
  • Concepts in Action videos to show strategies in practice
  • Summaries, discussion and facilitator guides for extended and ongoing professional learning
  • Quizzes and certificates to measure and display understanding of concepts and strategies
  • Printable job-specific guides and tools for all staff roles
  • Manager tools to track progress through videos and quizzes
  • Easy set-up and administration

With 321 Insight’s Trauma Informed PD Series, you can build the foundation for a culture of wellbeing where all students can learn.