As educators, we know that some of the best learning comes from collaboration and practice. Your staff can have these opportunities for effective professional learning with 321 Insight’s Facilitated PD – in-person and virtual professional development customized to meet the specific needs of your school or district.

Led by our team of skilled facilitators who are former classroom teachers, each hands-on, interactive session includes supporting resources and strategies participants can implement right away to support all students. PD offerings include facilitated half and full-day in-person and virtual sessions to support paraprofessionals, other classified staff, teachers, and administrators, and feature hands-on activities and opportunities for deep collaboration among participants.

Professional Development
for Paraeducators

Paraprofessionals fill many roles in a typical classroom, from helping to prepare and deliver lessons to managing students with the most challenging behaviors. Our paraprofessional PD opportunities are specifically designed to support the work they do every day. 

Each hands-on session offers tools, resources, and strategies to help paraprofessionals:

  • Understand the root causes of behavior challenges
  • Learn strategies to proactively address challenging behavior
  • Continue to set high expectations for all students
  • Focus on their own wellness
  • Create strong partnerships with teachers
  • Mitigate the impacts of trauma and adversity
  • Build stronger relationships
  • And more

In addition, paraprofessionals will gain a deeper understanding of their role and how to work effectively with their partner teachers to support every student every day.

Professional Development Offerings For All Staff

Our PD focuses on helping staff in every role in a school or district gain a deeper understanding of trauma-informed practices and the impact their roles have on student well-being. This involves building an awareness of adult social and emotional learning, building resilience, and developing a trauma-informed mindset and skill set to support all students.

Our hands-on staff workshops are designed to gain a deeper understanding of:

  • The impact of trauma, adversity, and chronic stress
  • Self-awareness and self-regulation skills
  • Strategies to support ongoing educator wellness

In addition, your staff develops an understanding of how they can help students build and strengthen these skills through repeated positive interactions.

321 Insight offers half- and full-day in-person and virtual sessions in 1-3 hour formats.

Reach out to us for more information and pricing.