How are your staff handling the trauma storm?

Build a strong foundation with our Trauma Informed PD Series. Equip all staff with a trauma-informed mindset and a trauma-responsive skill set, to address the impacts of adversity.

Research-based effective content and best practice strategies

This comprehensive professional development includes videos and job-specific tools for all staff roles that take the guesswork out of implementing trauma-informed practices in your district.

The Trauma Informed PD Series helps your staff:

  • Create a culture of well-being for staff and students
  • Improve school climate
  • Create a common mindset and skill set for all employees
  • Reduce behavioral challenges and learning disruption
  • Understand and prepare for what is needed when returning to campus after the pandemic, as behavioral challenges are certain to come

Ready to try the Trauma Informed PD Series?

Our PD toolkit includes:

  • 5- to 12-minute, easy-to-understand videos on: ACEs, resilience, regulation, SEL, building trauma-informed environments and more
  • Concepts in Action videos that model best practices
  • Summaries, discussion and facilitator guides, and quizzes
  • Trauma-informed functional behavior assessments and behavior intervention plans
  • Trauma-informed classroom, environment and climate and culture checklists for teachers and administrators
  • Job-specific guides for all classified staff roles, from bus drivers to paraeducators
  • And much more

In a survey of 35 principals representing 12 school districts, 87% found the Trauma Informed Series to be helpful towards their school’s efforts to become trauma-informed and resilience-oriented.

Specific outcomes of usage included:

  • Increased staff skills
  • Decreased student discipline referrals
  • Decreased staff absences

The Trauma Informed PD Series is flexibly designed to support district efforts to become trauma-informed and responsive. It can serve as a guide for a full district-wide PD plan, or can be used in school staff meetings, PLCs, or even independently.

With the Trauma Informed PD Series, educators will:

  • Develop a trauma-informed mindset and a trauma-responsive skill set to help build resilience in students
  • Help students develop their own social emotional and regulation skills
  • Address their own self-care and wellness
  • Build a trauma-informed foundation and culture that helps all staff and students thrive



Trauma-Informed Schools: The Foundation of Well-Being poster


Better Together: A Trauma Informed Approach to Social Emotional Learning

Start using the Trauma Informed series today!