Nearly half of today’s K-12 students come to school feeling the effects of 3 or more Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).

This impedes learning and can take a toll on student behavior. To help these students succeed, educators need to equip themselves with a trauma-informed mindset and skillset to build student resilience.

Our Trauma Informed Series trains all staff with a systematic approach to create the predictability, safe relationships, and opportunities for regulation that students need to thrive. It also addresses the impacts of COVID-19.

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Our toolkit provides:

In a survey of 35 principals representing 12 school districts, 87% found the Trauma Informed Series to be helpful towards their school’s efforts to become trauma-informed and resilience-oriented. Specific outcomes of usage included:

Increased staff skills

Decreased student discipline referrals

Decreased staff absences

The Trauma Informed Series can serve as a guide for a full district-wide PD Plan. It can be specifically customized and actionable, as district leaders can select which components of the training are most relevant for their needs.

With this training, educators will:

Understand strategies and policies, and develop tools to help build resilience in students

Help students develop their own social emotional and regulation skills

Address their own self-care and wellness

Be able to structure and enforce COVID-19 related safety protocols in a trauma-informed way


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