What Schools and Districts Say

“From all the wonderful resources we get from Willamette Education Service District, 321 Insight has been one of the most appreciated by staff. It is very user friendly and has been a useful tool for our district on many different levels!.”
Corrine Symolon
Dean Of Students
“Using 321insight training gives us an opportunity to train and do PD all year long, not just during the summer. ParaSharp enhances our district program, and our paraprofessionals love it!”
Jose Hinojosa
Sr Director of Educational Operations
“321Insight trainings have been very well received in our district. They are easy to facilitate, and the videos and handouts cover common challenges staff face when working with students. I have used the trainings for professional development and in staff meetings, and our Human Resources department has utilized it as well. I highly recommend 321Insight’s materials – great value too!.”
Diane Dunas
Director of Student Services
“I first started using 321insight several years ago when we were looking for opportunities to provide professional development to our staff. 321insight was the perfect vehicle to address large groups, small groups, and even individual staff members. The flexibility that 321insight provides is unique and fits perfectly into a tight-time schedule. We have used the Trauma Informed series to train our entire staff. We also use the ParaSharp series alongside the Trauma Informed series when working with individual teams. I appreciate 321insight thinking through all staff members, including transportation and facilities, and not just focusing on the classroom teachers. We know that it takes the entire school staff to be on board to address the diverse needs of all students. 321insight provides us the platform on which to launch our support. I have seen changes in our approach to students who may be experiencing trauma or have lagging skills in social/emotional regulation by using the two series. Many classrooms now have ‘calming corners’, teachers are smiling more, and staff are recognizing how their behavior affects students’ behavior. Education is a journey and it’s nice to have 321insight along for the ride.”
Jason Hobson
Director of Student Services
“321insight has been a good tool to use a prompt for collaborative discussions to reflect on practices, reinforcements, and refinements.
Teachers can utilize the videos to share strategies with their paras that relate to their the classroom, students, and interests.
The videos in both training series are short and lead to more of a discussion. It is easy to find videos related to topics of interest and are great in a small setting.”
District 5 of Lexington-Richland Counties
(South Carolina)
District Staff Feedback
“321insight’s videos and discussion guides have given our Classified staff access to quality PD that they have never received before. The handouts made for each specific classified role have great information and tips. It’s clear that 321insight values classified staff, knows they have difficult jobs, and believes that they deserve quality PD just like their certified counterparts.”
Angela Healow
Teacher on Special Assignment
“321insight is such a fantastic model because it gives information in very short bites. Using 321insight and their tools doesn’t take away time and service to students—in fact it enhances it, and we really liked that.”
Elaine Fox
Executive Director