Today’s student behavior challenges are unprecedented, with significant increases in the frequency and severity of violent incidents beginning in very young grades. We need an entirely new, holistic approach to tackling challenging student behavior across the entire school or district.

That’s exactly why we created the Behavior Playbook Series – a comprehensive, effective, and easy-to-implement PD solution that equips K-12 staff with the right (and consistent) mindset, approach, and skills to tackle challenging behavior exhibited by today’s students.

This tool consists of six learning modules or “plays,” which include quick 3 to 13-minute videos, quizzes, interactive discussion questions, and more. The plays are designed to provide targeted learning and classroom-tested strategies to help all staff address challenging behavior with a consistent, trauma informed mindset and skill set.

The six key "plays" included in the Behavior Playbook Series are:

  • Rethinking Challenging Behavior
  • Seeing Beyond the Behavior
  • Chase the Relationship, not the Behavior
  • The Power of Co-Regulation
  • The Skill-Demand Relationship
  • Core Routines that Reduce Challenging Behavior

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