321 Insight Expands ParaSharp Online PD Series with New Paraeducator Training Videos on Addressing Challenging Student Behavior

PORTLAND, OR // July 6, 2023 – Today 321 Insight, the leader in on-demand, live, and hybrid PD for paraeducators and K-12 staff, released a series of new videos within their ParaSharp online training platform. Building upon the power of the ParaSharp PD Series, these videos provide essential training and support for paraprofessionals centered around challenges they face regularly. All videos include guiding questions and proactive and reactive strategies to use when faced with:

  • Students Not Doing Their Work
  • Dealing with Outbursts
  • Handling Student Power Struggles
  • Students Refusing to Attend Class
  • Students Refusing to Stop Being on Electronic Devices

“We know that over two weeks of instruction are lost every year to disruptive student behavior, and paraeducators are often on the front lines of this behavior,”  says Alia Jackson, President & CEO of 321 Insight. “It’s crucial that we give paras the relevant, bite-sized training they need to feel prepared and skilled in addressing challenging behavior, and these new videos provide training in the specific areas where they need the most support.”

“These newly-added video topics are really going to make a difference for students and teaching staff,” says Linda Powell, Assistive Technology Specialist at Sunnyside Unified School District in Arizona. “Proactive collaborative problem-solving resonates through some of the strategies, which is key in building positive relationships and learning self-regulation skills.” 

321 Insight’s ParaSharp provides ready-to-use training to help educators better address challenging behavior and be more effective with students. It includes 3 to 13-minute videos and tools on topics such as addressing challenging behavior, understanding the impacts of trauma, modeling and teaching skills, understanding SPED, and more. For more information and a free trial of ParaSharp, visit https://www.321insight.com/parasharp/.

About 321 Insight

321 Insight partners with schools and districts to address today’s student behavior challenges with bite-sized on-demand, in-person, and hybrid professional development solutions for paraeducators and the teachers and leaders who work with them.