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We are living in unprecedented times, and are seeing unprecedented levels of stress and trauma from both staff and students. Training all staff on trauma-informed practices and social emotional learning is critical to supporting students effectively. The Trauma Informed schools training series makes it easy to give all staff on your campus critical information not only on the impact of trauma and adversity, but also on practical and effective strategies to build an environment of well-being for all. Our toolkit helps your staff immediately apply a trauma-informed approach to their daily practice.

The Trauma Informed schools training toolkit makes it easy to provide consistent and high-quality training to all staff with-

  • 3 to 12 minute videos designed to help all staff understand the ACEs research, develop a trauma-informed mindset, and learn, practice, and apply strategies to build resiliency in students
  • Summaries, discussion guides, and facilitator guides for extended and ongoing professional learning, in-person or online
  • Quizzes and certificates to measure and display understanding of concepts and strategies
  • Printable job-specific training guides and tools for all staff roles
  • Manager tools to track progress
  • Easy set-up and administration

Paraeducators play a critical role in our schools, and the more prepared they are, the more effective they will be with students. ParaSharp provides concise and relevant training to paraeducators in a format they can easily digest and apply. Used for on-the-job training, independent study, or as part of a broader staff training effort, ParaSharp helps paras become more effective.

ParaSharp’s online and ready-to-use training toolkit helps paraeducators increase effectiveness by providing –

    • 3 to 13 minute best practice videos on situations and challenges commonly faced by paraeducators, such as setting boundaries, avoiding power struggles, teaching SEL, and more
    • Summaries and discussion guides for ongoing professional learning
    • Quizzes and certificates to measure and display understanding of concepts and strategies
    • Planning tools to support paras in working with students
    • Printable “Insight Sheet” reference guides for anytime reminders
    • Manager tools to track progress through videos and quizzes
    • Easy set-up and administration