Trauma Informed Series Exercises- Week 8- Self-Care Primer

by Dr. Will Henson

We are at the end of our eighth week, and this week we are going to get you started thinking about self-care.

Answer these questions for yourself or with your team!

(a) Why would wellness and self-care be important for educators working with students?
(b) Is self-care selfish? When is it selfish and when is it not?
(c) What benefits do staff who take care of themselves give to students? To their co-workers?
(d) What do you think the difference is between the term “wellness” and the term “self-care”?

Please share with us some of your highlights from the 8-week series, or post your plans for moving forward! We’d love to hear from you about how these exercises impacted your mindset and practice. 

Thanks for participating!

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