Trauma Informed Series Exercises: Week 4: Mirror Neurons

Mirror Neurons                          

by Dr. Will Henson

All of us – you, me, the students we support, we all have neurons in our brains that make us want to mirror, that is, reflect back,– what we get from others. When people are calm, we tend to be calm, and when people are agitated with us, we tend to get agitated back.

This week’s exercise is super easy, but also a little bit hard, because it can feel unintuitive. When you are working with students, try to put out the energy you want back. What do I mean by energy? If you want calm, be calm. If you want interest and engagement, be interested and engaged with the student. Remember to be natural. If you try too hard at anything it will look and feel weird. Just show the student what you want and see what happens!

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I love this challenge! I can’t wait to try it all of next week at India Hook. All of us have been around people that suck the joy right out of us. Schools should be a high energy, joyful place. The people that work in schools are the ones that have to create that every day.

Crystal, thanks for your enthusiasm for this exercise! Please let us know how it goes next week.

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