Better para Training Leads To Better Behavioral Outcomes

Step Up your para training today!

Now is the time to prepare educators to more effectively support students.  With ParaSharp, paraeducators have access to on-demand, bite-sized PD videos and job specific tools, in a format they can easily and effectively access, right when they need it.  Step up your para training today with ParaSharp!


ParaSharp provides concise and relevant training to paraprofessionals in a format they can easily digest and apply. Used for on-the-job training, independent study, or as part of a broader staff training effort, ParaSharp helps educators become more effective.

ParaSharp helps paraeducators increase effectiveness by providing –

  • 3-13 minute best practice videos on situations and challenges commonly faced by paraeducators
  • Summaries and discussion guides for ongoing professional learning
  • Quizzes and certificates to measure and display understanding of concepts and strategies
  • Planning tools to support paraeducators in working with students
  • Printable “Insight Sheet” reference guides for anytime reminders
  • Manager tools to track progress through videos and quizzes
  • Quick and easy set-up and administration