Virtual SEL Instruction – Videos and Lesson Plans

Welcome to 321 Insight’s video series on virtual SEl Instruction. In this series Dr. Will Henson shares best practices and demonstrates effective SEL teaching that can be done remotely.  Videos feature Dr. Henson working with students via Zoom. Each video includes a lesson plan, and practical ideas for immediate implementation.

You can access them below.

Video 1 : Introduction to Teaching Social Emotional Skills Remotely


Video 2 : The Basics and Best Practices of SEL Instruction 

Video 3: Teaching Students to Get Started on a Tough Task (Self-Management)
In this video, Dr. Henson works with 11 year old Duncan to help him get started on a task that he is having trouble starting.

Lesson Plan: 321 Getting Started


Video 4: Teaching Self-Awareness
In this video, Dr. Henson teaches the skill of Self-Awareness to 10 year old Jane.

Lesson Plan: 321 Insight SEL Lesson- Self-Awareness


Video 5: Tolerating Failure and Critical Feedback

Lesson Plan: 321 SEL Lesson- Tolerating Failure and Critical Feedback 


Video: Junk Thoughts: Part 1

Lesson Plan: 321 SEL Lesson- Junk Thoughts 1


Video: Junk Thoughts: Part 2



Lesson Plan: 321 Insight SEL Lesson- Junk Thoughts 2

Video: Tolerating a Feeling


Lesson Plan: 321 Insight SEL Lesson- Tolerating a Feeling

Video: Managing Stress Response


Lesson Plan: 321 Insight SEL Lesson- Managing your Stress Response

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