Remote SEL Instruction Video- Teaching Self-Awareness

Watch Dr. Henson work with 5th grader Jane on building self-awareness.

In this video Dr. Henson demonstrates using a technology platform (Zoom) to teach the SEL skill of Self-Awareness to a student. You can use the lesson plan guide with this video if you’d like to try it yourself.

Please share your experiences with delivering instruction remotely as well!

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Marie-Claire Wonacott

Would love ideas for those of us not permitted to deliver synchronous learning.
Love your resources and guidance, thank you!

You mean you are not allowed to deliver live instruction? I believe the most important part of what we are doing right now is connection. You can still pose questions for people and still deliver the same warmth and interest in students through your presentation. Its certainly not the best way to make a connection with students, but your intention will show through. Students need continued connection to their teachers, and also connection to their routines and familiar pieces of school. Younger children may benefit from just seeing and running through their routines even if its not live, and older kids will benefit from a video designed to connect with them. Of course, if there are ways they can reach out to you that is good too. In this day and age, we are all working to keep familiarity and connection.

Will Henson PsyD

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