Regulation: The Most Important Skill of All

Regulation: The Most Important Skill of All

There are a lot of important social and emotional skills that kids (and adults) need in order to do the core tasks of life: be happy, make good choices, deal with difficult situations, succeed at school and work, form lasting relationships (and so on).

But of all the skills people need, there is nothing more important than the ability to self-regulate. In our videos and materials we talk a lot about how regulation is about more than just emotions.  Regulation includes the ability to manage one’s:

* attention (being able to direct and sustain attention the right things)
* emotions (being able to feel feelings and manage them without over-reacting to them)
* thinking, and (paying attention to the quality and accuracy of one’s thoughts)
* physiological reactions (fight or flight, adrenalin)

Good behavior, successful academics, positive relationships and everything else is downstream from this core skill. Check out our Trauma Informed training series to see how we approach training all staff on this critical skill.

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