Empower Your Paras.

Build Skills.
Improve Effectiveness.

ParaSharp gives paraprofessionals the essential skills they need to be more effective with students. With ParaSharp, your paraprofessionals can appropriately address challenging behavior, develop positive relationships, and support SEL.

ParaSharp prepares your paras with the mindset and actionable skills they need, including:

Clarifying professional roles and boundaries

Avoiding power struggles

Developing positive relationships

Teaching academic and social emotional skills

Supporting diverse learning needs

Our delivery approach is based on your need for quick, flexible training that fits into your time-limited schedule. ParaSharp is easy to set up and administer.

ParaSharp training is designed for group or independent use, staff meetings, PLCs, late-start or early-release days, just-in-time or at-home access.

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Our toolkit provides:

Testimonials and Case Studies

Midland ISD, Texas

“ParaSharp is a gamechanger tool in equipping our paras for classroom instruction and behavior management.” – Jennifer Warren, Executive Director of Special Services 

Hillsboro School District, Oregon

District paraeducators are “thrilled” that on-demand training pertains directly and practically to their work “without taking up massive amounts of time”

When surveyed, 92% of paraeducators agreed that using ParaSharp made them feel better prepared to effectively manage student behavior.


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