Introducing our new ‘Concepts in Action’ videos, and a Q&A with Mr. Gillespie, the educator featured in them

We would like to introduce the experienced educator, Lawrence Gillespie, who is featured in the 5 new videos in our Trauma Informed series. These videos, which we call ‘Concepts in Action’, show Lawrence using best practices and sharing insight on helping students become regulated, and building student resilience. We developed these videos because so many educators told us that they understood the concepts, but didn’t know what it actually looked like when an educator used the strategies. We think these new videos are a great way to help move further towards being trauma-responsive. 

Lawrence was an easy choice to deliver the messages in these videos because he has spent many years in education, and has held several different positions – from school counselor, to student supervisor, to elementary school principal. He has seen it all! He currently works for Beaverton School District. See our Q&A to learn a little bit more about Mr. Gillespie!

Q: What is your favorite thing about being an educator?

LG: Working with people and hearing their stories.

Q: Can you share a special experience you had with a student or staff member that made you feel good about your job? 

LG: Recently my wife and I were at a restaurant and I hear “Mr. G!” I turn around, and there was a previous student from 12 years ago walking up to give me a hug. He then took me to say hello to his family where we chatted for a while and talked about his experience in middle school and where he is now.

Q: What advice would you give to new educators? 

LG: There is so much. Never be afraid to ask for help. Self-care!!! We don’t know the experiences our students have had. It is so important to get to know them and their families in order to best meet their needs.

Q: What’s something that you wish people outside of education knew? 

LG: How hard educators work!!!! Classified staff, teachers, counselors, school psychologist and more work countless hours to ensure students have the tools they need to lead productive post-secondary lives. Those who work in education do not receive the recognition they deserve, nor the pay!

Q: What do you like to do when not working? 

LG: Hanging out with my wife Cory and dog Ellie. I enjoy doing home projects, fishing, camping and hanging out with friends and family. My wife and I just started a new business and that will keep us busy as well!

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