Introducing a New Series of Trauma-Informed Exercises with Dr. Will Henson


Trauma-Informed Exercises with Dr. Will Henson

This series of blog posts is a companion to our Trauma-Informed© video series on (Want more info on our video series? Email for a free demo account!) We believe that people learn best from practice, and that’s exactly what the next eight weeks is about. In the coming weeks we are going to feature a series of trauma-informed exercises to help staff learn how to continue to put the trauma informed concepts that you’ve learned in the videos into practice.

We are going to start with an exercise every week for the next eight weeks, as follows:

On Mondays we will post the weekly exercise.

  • Your task will be to try it out several times (as the exercise allows).
  • We encourage you to take notes as you go, and see what happens. Be curious!
  • At the end of the week we want to hear from you! How did it go? What did you experience?
  • We would really like people to either do this as a group or team and agree to meet weekly about it, if possible.

We are going to start this coming Monday, so let your crew know and make sure to subscribe to the blog. If you are reading this late – no worries, the posts will already be up and you can do them one week at a time.

If you don’t have anyone to share your exercises with, share them with us! You can email us at We’d love to hear from you.



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