Educators are now seeing a new batch of stressors on students. The pandemic, economic instability, racial unrest and student isolation have all heightened student adversity.

Students experiencing adversity are:

more likely to experience
academic failure

more likely to have
attendance problems

more likely to have
behavioral issues

Do your educators have the professional development and training they need to handle these challenges and help your students succeed?

Who We Help


Our ParaSharp Series teaches strategies and skills to handle student challenges and enable student success

Are your paraeducators prepared?

School & District Staff

Our Trauma Informed Series helps all staff develop trauma-informed mindsets and skills to help students build resilience

Is your district or school equipped to handle the impacts of trauma?

Our delivery approach is quick and flexible. We offer “bite-sized” training that easily fits in to your school’s schedule, on your time. Our 3- to 13-minute videos come with summaries, discussion guides, and other tools to enhance staff learning.

Our engaging, research-based online professional development is designed by expert psychologists and practitioners with “on-the-ground” experience in K-12 schools. It is relevant and immediately applicable, helping educators to better support students.

“We know it takes the entire school staff to be on board to address the diverse needs of all students. 321insight provides us the platform on which to launch our support.”

Director of Student Services, Estacada SD, Oregon

“Using 321insight training gives us an opportunity to train and do PD all year long, not just during the summer. ParaSharp enhances our district program, and our paraprofessionals love it!”

Director of Special Education, Edgewood ISD, Texas

“321insight is such a fantastic model because it gives information in very short bites. Using 321insight and their tools doesn’t take away time and service to students—in fact it enhances it, and we really liked that.”

Executive Director of Student Services
Hillsboro School District, Oregon

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