Hello and Happy New Year

Hello and Happy New Year from 321insight! As you can see, we have updated our website! 

You will notice not only a new look and feel, but you might notice that we have restructured the way we present our solutions. In our ongoing work with school district administrators and staff, we have determined that effective paraeducators need training in 6 key areas, as seen in this diagram.

We are in the process of re-organizing our ParaSharp and Diverse Learners content, and added some great new tools to help increase paraeducator effectiveness in these 6 areas. In addition, we will be including some exciting new content to our ParaSharp product, including planning tools, data tracking sheets, graphical reference guides, and quizzes. We are excited to share this with you over the next few weeks! Want a sneak peek? Email info@321insight.com to set up a demo.

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