Happy New Year From 321insight!

Happy New Year from 321insight!

2020 brings a fresh look and new content to our Trauma Informed series, and we are excited to share it with you! We have added 5 new videos called ‘Concepts in Action’, which build on the ideas and content from our foundational videos, and model best practices for helping students regulate, and building student resilience. These videos feature Lawrence, an experienced educator, demonstrating strategies with students, and analyzing what works, and what doesn’t work. Our new Concepts in Action videos include discussion guides, and are an excellent next step in PD.

Our new Concepts in Action videos offer a way for educators to see what it looks like to help students regulate, and build resilience.

We have also added a facilitator guide to accompany each of our foundational videos to offer more opportunities to dive deeper into each topic. Using the discussion guides, in conjunction with the facilitator guides, can provide a more comprehensive study into each subject, and provide an even richer PD experience.  

Use our new facilitator guides to deepen and enrich your PD sessions.

Finally, we’ve added two new guided exercise series to extend and deepen your professional development. Explore our 9-week guided exercise series on Educator Self-Care and Wellness, and our 8-week series on helping staff build a trauma-informed mindset.

This January we are focused on educator self-care. A new year offers a chance for educators to prioritize their sense of well-being, so that they might create new patterns and habits moving forward. We all know the phrase “you can’t fill from an empty cup”, and we believe it’s imperative for educators to ‘put their oxygen mask on first’, so to speak – so that they can show up for their students in the best way possible. Make sure you follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter to catch all the great articles, podcasts, and other content that we have collected! We will also be featuring a webinar with Dr. Will Henson that addresses the subject of self-care for educators.

Happy 2020!

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