Trauma Informed Schools During Covid19

26 Aug: Trauma Informed Schools During COVID-19: Downloadable Infographic

Brand New Infographic! We are excited to release our latest infographic— this time focused on Trauma Informed Schools During COVID-19. It gives helpful information, ideas, and research-based best practices for applying trauma-informed practices both in person and in distance learning. Continuing with the spirit of 321 Insight, this infographic delivers concise, supportive information that’s quick and easy to apply. Request an emailed copy at

13 Aug: Questions and Answers from our Weathering the Storm: A Trauma-Informed Approach to the Return to School webinar

We had a fantastic webinar with Dr. Will Henson and Education Week on August 6th, and were thrilled with how many people care about this important topic. Many participants shared with us that through this webinar they learned some key strategies for incorporating trauma-informed practices into their efforts this fall. For those of you who did not catch it or want to pass it on to others you can still access it here.  We had so many questions this time, we have grouped them by similar topic, and Dr. Henson did his best to answer them.  Please email us at if you have additional questions or would like to learn more about our licensed online PD series for school…


15 Jul: New Content in Our Training Series!

321 Insight is committed to helping districts navigate the unprecedented levels of dysregulation (students and staff) that we will face upon the return to school this Fall 2020. Whether your district is re-opening buildings, starting off with only distance learning, or a hybrid approach, staff will need to gear mindsets toward understanding stress and regulation in themselves and others. It will be critical that they develop action steps to support trauma informed practices, in both distance learning and return to brick and mortar schools. In an effort to meet the needs of our clients for the upcoming school year, 321 Insight is excited to present new videos intended to offer training and support for staff in several key areas. In…


24 Jun: 321 Insight Stands in Solidarity Against Racism

Since well before the founding of our nation, and continuing to the present, minorities have faced injustices and trauma that have been ignored, tolerated, and, at times, even encouraged by a majority in our country. We at 321 Insight join with the Black community in seeking an America that actually embraces its founding principles of fairness and equality, and rejects centuries of oppression and sanctified inequality experienced by BIPOC communities. Together we seek to end racism in all of its despicable forms. The trauma-informed approach in which we train school district leaders and staff, certified and classified, currently provides guidance on how to create safe and nurturing environments for all students. However, we know that we need to add more content and…