321 Insight Stands in Solidarity Against Racism

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Since well before the founding of our nation, and continuing to the present, minorities have faced injustices and trauma that have been ignored, tolerated, and, at times, even encouraged by a majority in our country. We at 321 Insight join with the Black community in seeking an America that actually embraces its founding principles of fairness and equality, and rejects centuries of oppression and sanctified inequality experienced by BIPOC communities. Together we seek to end racism in all of its despicable forms.

The trauma-informed approach in which we train school district leaders and staff, certified and classified, currently provides guidance on how to create safe and nurturing environments for all students. However, we know that we need to add more content and direction to help guide educators to better create inclusive environments for our BIPOC students, as well as to recognize the adverse impact systemic racism has on the neurological development of all students.

Our platform has given us a voice in how teachers create safe and welcoming spaces for all students. We want to use that voice to help teachers recognize the ways in which they can encourage the creation of more equitable learning environments.  And we want to make sure that we use our voice to help drive anti-racist and inclusive policies in our educational institutions that have harbored inequity for far too long.  As part of our commitment to fighting against racism, we pledge to: 

  • Actively listen and engage in conversations with members of the BIPOC communities so we can seek out ways, including partnerships, to ensure that our videos and materials reflect the experiences of BIPOC students and educators.  We will continue to feature Black, Indigenous, Latinx and Asian teachers and students in our materials.    
  • Identify and confront the inequities that exist within our educational institutions. We will teach educators new skills to challenge the status quo, and provide more inclusive educational experiences for Black and other minority students.
  • Continue the pursuit of a more equitable education system, understanding that we must address the profound underlying systemic foundations that have created the current unsustainable educational experience for Black and other minority students.  We will not shy away from recognizing our own prejudices and intolerance as we work with educators to confront theirs so that together we can improve our schools and communities.  

Thank you,

The team at 321 Insight

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