2018 February


12 Feb: Missed the webinar? You can still watch the recording!

We had a fantastic webinar last week with District Administration magazine. It was such a pleasure to hear from our rockstar clients in District Five in South Carolina, as they shared their success with using ParaSharp for training their classified staff. One of the highlights of their story is how they are seeing success at creating a common language around behavior support amongst certified and classified staff. Click here to watch the recorded webinar.

Rick at Serendipity

08 Feb: Dr. Robinson and the Serendipity Center

Serendipity Center sponsors “The Youth Opportunity Breakfast” designed to shape the conversation regarding therapeutic education in Oregon. This year’s topic focused on integrating trauma-informed care into the classroom as well as the culture of an organization. Dr. Rick Robinson, our content partner for our Trauma-Informed school training toolkit, had the pleasure of presenting at this year’s breakfast with Serendipity’s Treatment Director, Jackie Trussell, LCSW. Participants included staff from a number of school districts as well as community partners. It was encouraging to see the growing awareness of, and interest in, the pervasive effects of adversity in children and adults. Importantly, movement from awareness to action steps seems to be emerging!


01 Feb: “I’m Not Gonna Do It!”

I know, if you had a nickel for every time a student told you they “weren’t gonna do it” you would be retired in Maui right now. What’s a good response to this time honored student declaration? I think by now you probably know that “Oh yes you are!” is not always the most successful. Here’s a few others: 1. “What seems to be the problem?” – This, said in a curious tone (as if you completely did not expect the refusal) along with a helpful stance does wonders. 2. “Okay.” – Said with a nod and an inquisitive look (as if there must be more to the student’s statement that he is about to reveal) creates a nice awkward…